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We meet In Person
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
The Sherwood Inn
26 W. Genesee St
Skaneateles, NY 13152
United States of America
We meet via Zoom due to COVID-19. None members are invited to join our meetings by contacting our President: David Lee (email link by clicking on his name) listed under Club Executives & Directors (below - right column)
2020 Holiday Basket
a Resounding Success!   ... by Lori Ruhlman
Thank you, Skaneateles Rotary club members! Did you hear the news? We topped $20,000 in our Holiday Basket Virtual Fundraiser, shattering records and expectations. Thanks to amazing collaboration among the committee members, club members and others in the community, we provided our local food pantries (and Skaneateles Oureach) with MORE than they expected in their efforts to make the season bright for local families in need.
     During a pandemic, we successfully found new ways to reach out to the community.
     A special thanks to Jay Stith, our club’s community service chair, for getting the Holiday Basket committee off to a great start.
     Thanks to Holiday Basket Committee Chair Roberta Williams for believing from the start that we would not only break records, but top $20,000.    
     Thanks to all Rotarians who donated time, talent & treasure to help us reach into the community to all our families, friends and neighbors who contributed so much to make this one of our most wide-reaching, inclusive fundraisers ever.
Skantarians Tidy up Hwy 20 ... by Ward
On Saturday morning of the 7th, eight masked Rotarians and one guest (Carolyn Legg) suited up to clear the trash along Hwy 20, from the western village limit to County Line Rd.  The first treasure was found by Carolyn, who picked up a quarter in the Hill Top parking lot and gave it to Project Coordinator, Marv Langley, to add to the club's community service funds.
      John Moran reported the among the treasures found were; a carbide wheel found by Ed (who guessed it was from a very small bench top vehicle). John also reported that the most popular beer cans to be pitched along the by-way were Pabst Blue Ribbon (probably some visitors from Wisconsin), and the most popular older adult beverages were 3 cans of premised manhattans (likely belonged to Jack).
     In all, fun was had by all on a beautiful sunny morning and out town is a wee bit brighter for the efforts.  Rotarians at their best .... Serving the community.
Skaneateles Rotarians Voting with Meals
Skaneateles Rotarians, partnering with the Skaneateles Bakery, provided lunch and coffee for the 27 local poll workers at the committee's 3 polling stations.  All were wearing their "I Voted" stickers and masks. The three masked food barriers are Rotarians; (L/R) John O, Craig F. with Chris Grilli, owner of the Skaneateles Bakery (provider of the food & coffee).  Also were Rotarians; Rosemary M. & Bill B. who took the orders at the polling stations, and project organizer, Jay S. who also doubled as food barrier and photographer.
     "Service Above Self" Rotarians partnering with local business in Community Service, for this that served us at the polls.
Annual Dictionary Project .... by Ward
On Oct. 30, 2020, 96 Webster's Dictionary/Thesauruses were distributed to the 3rd grade students at the Skaneateles State School by staff and School Principal, John Lawrence.  This is the 10th year that the Skaneateles Rotary Club has provide these dictionaries to students at the school as part of the club's commitment to world literacy.  This year's project was chaired by Rotarian, Bill Huba supported by Ward Vuillemot and school staff.
 CLICK HERE to see more pictures in our Photo Albums
PINTS FOR POLIO .... by Ward
Skaneateles Rotary Club members spread awareness of World Polio Day (and Rotary) during a four-hour stint outside at Skaneateles Brewery on Saturday, October 24.  The brewery, with plenty of outdoor seating, drew a steady crowd all afternoon.
Members hung posters and handed out fact-sheets about the efforts to eradicate polio.  The event was led by member Jay Stith.
     Rotarian volunteers were:  Jay Stith, Lori Ruhlman, Doug Hill, Bill Buterbaugh & Terry McCormick
     Check out our Facebook for more info of World Polio Day and pictures of this event at:
Baltimore Woods Accessible Trail ... by Ward
On October 11,  work began to establish a stone dust accessible trail that connects the Backyard Wildlife Trail, Harrison Loop, and Faust Wildflower Garden behind the Interpretive Center. This dream is becoming a reality thanks many volunteers and to Skaneateles Rotary Club taking the lead on a grant that brought four local rotary clubs together; Skaneateles Sunrise, Marcellus, and Camillus Solvay Geddes Rotary Clubs who each contributed helping hands and funds which were matched by the Rotary District 7150 through an annual grant program designed specifically for projects that benefit the local & international communities. 16+ Rotarians from the participating clubs showed up for the work parties on weekends of Oct 17&18 and Oct 24 & 25)  The Rotary  District 7150 Grant was prepared and managed by Rotarian, Dale Drake  Way to go Rotary!  
Who is the masked wheelbarrow man?
Many photos of volunteers at work can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.
Learn more about Baltimore Woods at:
Rotary Supports Baltimore Woods... by Ward
Sep 9th, Dale Drake, Skaneateles Rotary Club's(SCR) Grant Chair and David Lee, SRC, President presented to Whitney Lash-Marshall, Executive Director, Baltimore Woods with a $7,000 check to help fund the renovation efforts of their handicap accessible trail.
      The funds are from a consortium of regional Rotary Clubs (Camillus, Marcellus, Skaneateles & Skaneateles Sunrise) and matching funds from The Rotary Foundation through a District grant.  The Grant was written and is managed by Dale.  Work on the trail will start in October using volunteers (Rotarians and others).  This project, and many more like it, are the result of Rotarians working with others to support their communities though volunteerism and resources.
Pictured (L/R are the masked trio); Dale, Whitney & Dave.
Thanks to Skaneateles Community for their Support ... by Lori Ruhlman
When the pandemic made it impossible for the Skaneateles Rotary Club to hold its annual Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast, its members adopted a new mantra.  “We can’t serve pancakes, but we CAN feed the community.”
Club members asked residents to help fill local food pantries and Skaneateles Outreach with food, supplies and money. Now they are applauding the results and thanking the community.
     After collecting 4,000 pounds of food in May, the club launched a “Feed the Community” drive and raised $17,785 in June. 
     “It is heartwarming how this wonderful community came together to support Rotary in its effort to help those who are struggling,” said Rotarian Lee Bennett, one of the organizers.
     Rotarians look forward to the pancake breakfast all year long and missed seeing and serving the 3,000 or more friends and neighbors who usually attend.  But the virtual breakfast brought out the best of the spirit of Skaneateles, said Rotarian Mary Giroux, who was president during the fundraiser (and just passed the torch to Rotarian David Lee).
      The response was swift and generous with $17,785 in contributions from nearly 180 donors.  In addition, $2,500 was raised from major donors to help buy Chamber of Commerce gift certificates to hand out to randomly selected donors to spend here (thus benefiting the merchants who also have been hit hard by the pandemic).  It was a win-win for both the community and the merchants, said Rotarian Tyler Lorey.
     Club members praised the efforts of Lorey, who pulled the virtual fundraiser together on a site called Rallyup.  “It allowed us to have broad outreach without having to exchange money or  tickets by hand,” Lorey said.
     Proceeds from the annual breakfast have helped the Rotary Club support community groups, organizations and projects all year long for over 50 years.  The need was greater than ever this year, with a big jump in demand at the food pantries and outreach office, and so that is where the club chose to channel the money, said Bennett. The goal on Rallyup was set at $10,000, but the committee secretly hoped to raise as much as or more than the club might raise at an annual breakfast.  “It was thrilling to pass that goal,” Bennett said.
     Donors have repeatedly thanked the club for organizing both the food drive and the on-line fundraiser.
Important News for Our Members
from District 7150 Youth Exchange Committee .... by Lori Ruhlman
Rotary District 7150 has made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to end this the exchange year early .. calling home all students abroad and sending inbound students home to their families and their countries.  That means that Amira and Simon will be leaving us soon.  Both have been great additions to our high school and our community – making friends and spreading joy.  We have been so fortunate to have them.  We give thanks to them and to the great host families who made their months here possible.
     Amira  will be heading home to Mexico, and Simon will return to Switzerland. We will let you know more as this progresses.  Their email addresses are below, in case any of you would like to be able to send comments to them and to essentially say goodbye. 
     We feel we have been so lucky this year to have them, and we are so sorry they won't be able to finish their year.  
Attached is a picture of the two of them from our Welcome Picnic in the fall.
     To Amira and Simon, thank you for making Skaneateles your home.  We hope to see you again someday.  
     Thanks again to our club for its devotion to and support of the youth exchange program.
From Gard Lorey, YEO (and committee members Lee Bennett, Karen Price and Lori Ruhman)

Skaneateles Rotary Club's Meetings
CANCELED until Further Notice

Our Board of Directors met and decided that Club meetings, including our Happy Hour,s will be suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus situation. Although this may seem an "over reaction" we feel that it is better to err on the side of caution to protect all members but especially those who may have underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk. We will continue to meet weekly via Zoom.  Membership will be sent weekly an invitation with appropriate logon an passwords to log into the meetings
     Club newsletters will continue to be published by Ward during this time, which will be your source of your weekly club information and updates.  They can be accessed by clicking on the Bulletins link in the home page header.
     If you have any questions or concerns you may contact either co-Presidents, Mary Giroux or Cheryl Silvestrini.

Dec. 19, 2019 - Skaneateles Annual Christmas Party
Skaneateles Rotarians and guests enjoyed a pleasant and fun filled evening of Christmas celebration, while enjoying fine dinning at the Sherwood Inn.
      They were entertained by the melodious voice and music by Byron Lee who provided a selection of festive and seasonal music. They evening was capped off with the singing of Christmas carols, which closed out the evening with Byron & Danny Roche leading us in Silent Night.
     Many thanks to event organizer, Cheryl for making the arrangements.
     For pictures of the evening, see our website photo album at…/2019-christmas-party

Annual Christmas Benefit -Dec 12, 2019

$13,000 was raised for the Skaneateles Outreach and the Skaneateles & Spafford Food Pantries at the Skaneateles Rotary Club's annual Turkey Benefit Dinner held at the Skaneateles Country Club.
     Co-Presidents, Mary Giroux & Cheryl Silvestrini welcomed more 205 Rotarians, their spouses & guests who gathered in the Skaneateles Country Club to support the needy in our Skaneateles Community. Rotarian Dan Roche led us in song and the Rev Becky Coerper, Rector of the Skaneateles Episcopal Church offered a heartwarming blessing.  
     Following a fabulous turkey dinner (one turkey per table) and good fellowship, many gifts, donated by local merchants and Rotarians, were raffled off by Rotarian, Bill Conole.
     Check out the many pictures of folks celebrating the Christmas Holiday, while raising lots of funds to help other, less fortunate, to have a happy holiday.…/2019-christmas-benefit

Skaneateles Rotary Club Continues to Grow
Nov 14th, the Skaneateles Rotary Club added to new members to their ranks of individuals to seek to Connect the World through Service Above Self.  They are:
  • Andrew Stevens, a past member of the Cortland Breakfast Rotary club (7/09 - 12/18).  Andy and his wife, Angela, make their home in Skaneateles.  He is sponsored into our club by Bill Buterbaugh.
  • Edward Evans, a past member of the Hamilton Rotary club, is sponsored by Craig Froelich and lives in Skaneateles with his wife Brenda.
 We look forward to Andy's and Ed's participation in our efforts to serve our local and world communities.  
Pictured L/R:  Criag Froelich, Ed Evans, Amy Tormey (membership chair), Doug Powell (president), Andy Stevens and Bill Buterbaugh.
Skaneateles Rotary is Joined by Two New Members
 Pledging to "go forth and promote positive change in the world", Tyler Lorey & Jay Stith joined the Skaneateles Rotary Club on Thursday, Nov. 07.  They were inducted by Amy Tormey, membership chairperson, assisted by club president, Doug Powell and new members were sponsored by Gard Lorey.  We are all looking forward to youthful insights, dedication and contributions to the continued Service Above Self to our local and international communities.
     In addition to Gard pinning the Rotary pins on each new Rotarian, Tyler pinned Gard (his father) with a Rotarian Sponsor pin.

Pictured L_R:  Amy Tormey, Gard Lorey, Tyler Lorey, Jay Stith & Doug Powell
Dictionary & Thesaurus Distributed to 3rd Graders.
President Doug & Cathy Powell distributed copies of Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus to the 4 classrooms of State St. School on Nov. 6th.  When asked what a Thesaurus was, one creative student responded that "it is a dictionary for dinosaurs".  To their pleasant surprise, the books were accepted with  "a hardy thanks, a firm handshake and direct eye contact".  A positive glimpse into our future generations.  
    This is the 10th year that the Skaneateles Rotary club have provided the students with dictionaries as part of their commitment to support the education of our youth.  The project is currently chaired by Past President,  Bill Huba, who is supported by Ward,  the project's originator.
"Rotary" Arrives - Oct 5, 2019
This year the Skaneateles Rotary club put together a multi-club grant with the Skaneateles Sunrise, Chittenango, Cazenovia, Fulton Noon, Baldwinsville and Dewitt Clubs (30+ D7150 Rotarians attending the event). Altogether, with a District match, the grant totals $11,000 and will benefit the Clear Path for Veterans puppy development program. This program raises and trains service dogs which are then provided to qualified veterans at no cost to enhance their lives. Clear Path is naming one of their new puppies scheduled to arrive on October 3rd "Rotary" in honor of our grant. "Rotary" is a little boy Labrador retriever pup.  The grant was initiated and written by Skaneateles Rotarian, Mary Gioux.
     To learn more about Clear Path for veterans, visit their website at:
Pictured is Mary Giroux introducing "Rotary"
Youth exchange Experiences change lives .... by Lori Ruhlman
They went to three different parts of the world and had very different experiences, but the three Skaneateles youth exchange students who returned to share their stories with the Rotary Club Thursday, Aug. 1st,  had very much in common.
     Sarah Euto, Gianna Eidel and Cole Goodchild each exuded confidence, joy and wisdom when talking about their new “second homes” of Austria, Japan and Taiwan. 
       The enthusiasm and joy they expressed seemed to come from the friendships they made that will last a lifetime. They were filled with love for people in their host countries and for the other exchange students they met from around the world.
       The wisdom and confidence came from facing some of the most difficult challenges of their young lives, and surviving – even thriving.
Pictured from left, Sarah Euto, Gianna Eidel, Cole Goodchild & Eva Lombardi 
Father's Day Pancake Breakfast - 2019
The Skaneateles Rotary Club’s annual Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast required all hands on deck from the Rotary Club and from many others in town. “Without volunteers, we would not make it,” Rotarian Dana Coye said. (He knows. He has been helping to make it happen for 51 years). Rotary Youth Exchange students and families help serve. Other volunteers help cook. High School athletic teams provide the muscle for heavy duty set up; Boy Scouts work all day collecting trash from the thousands who go through. (There is less and less "trash," as Rotary moves each year to a "greener" breakfast). And the community makes it work just by showing up to see everyone in town while sharing a table for the biggest and best Father’s Day breakfast in town.
   To view and enjoy the many photos of the event, CLICK Here.

Interact Club and Skaneateles Rotary unite to make a global difference

Skaneateles High School Senior Noah Smith presented a $1,000 check to Tom Deuson, ambassador for ShelterBox USA on behalf of the Skaneateles High School Interact Club.  The students were inspired to raise money for the disaster relief program after Deuson brought a display to the high school.  They learned how ShelterBox provides vulnerable people around the world with emergency shelter and supplies. Since 2000, ShelterBox staff and volunteers have helped give shelter to more than 1.4 million people affected by disasters and humanitarian crises.

Lessons in stewardship 

Environmental steward Peter Clark speaks to Rotary and SLA

Nationally recognized hero of a decades-long successful effort to restore Tampa Bay returns home to share his story
     The beautiful clean waters of Skaneateles Lake and the stewardship of local people inspired Peter A. Clark to grow up to become a hero of the decades-long effort to restore Tampa Bay. 

     He returned home to see his mother, Phyllis Clark of Skaneateles, and to share the remarkable story of how he started and led a successful environmental stewardship program that has used thousands of volunteers to bring Tampa Bay back to life

     As a guest of the Skaneateles Rotary Club Thursday, 3/14/19, Clark spoke to an audience that also included fans of Skaneateles Lake. Significantly, the audience included young Rachael DeWitt, the director of the Skaneateles Lake Association which is leading the charge to protect Skaneateles Lake.

5th Annual International Women's Day Celebration, a Resounding Success!

Linda Larsen had the audience in stitches as she gave tips on the power of positive thinking in a comedic performance at the Lodge for the Skaneateles Rotary Club’s fifth annual International Women’s Day celebration Thursday. 

She titled her talk “Staying right side up when everything is upside down,” but said it’s really about knowing how to “recover more quickly” when things are upside down.

“What I’ve learned in life is that there is What I Planned … and What Actually Happens,” she said.

 “We’re wired to look for what’s wrong,” she said, noting that people have 40,000 thoughts a day “and 90 percent are negative.” She talked about how make change with positive thoughts.  “You are in charge of your thoughts,” she said. “What you name that thing, it tends to become.”

On Tues, June 5th, seven Skaneateles Rotarians made their way to Clear Path for Veterans, in Chittenango, NY to cut and assemble two 8 foot picnic tables to be used on the Clear Path grounds. They were met by Matt Foster, CP grounds maintenance manager and a volunteer, who supplied the equipment and direction for the project. The materials and labor were supplied by Skaneateles Rotarians; Mary, Robin, Roy, David, Danny, Marv & Ward. The day was successful, enjoyable and an eye opener of the Clear Path has, and is, accomplishing for our veterans. CLICK HERE to view Photo Album of the event.  To learn more of the Clear Path for Veterans project, facility and their mission, visit their website at:
SHELTER BOXES - Oct 23, 2017
The two Skaneateles Rotary Club's funded two Shelter Boxes through a District 7150 Grant this year. These Shelter Boxes contain shelters and other necessary materials to house a family in regions of our world who have lost everything due to natural disasters and conflicts. As a part of the project, the clubs arranged with the SSD and a ShelterBox USA Rotarian representative, Tom Deuson, to set up and display a Shelter Box in the High School commons. The Interact club supplied much of the setup labor, and are planning to raise funds during the school to donate to ShelterBox USA. Rotarians and Interactors working together to meet a great need in our world.  To learn more about the ShelterBox organization, visit
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