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Rotary Alphabet Soup
As we converse or communicate in other ways in the world of Rotary, we hear and see many abbreviations. Here are a few with their meanings.
        AG    Assistant Governor
      APF    Annual Program Fund (Rotary Foundation)
  ARPIC    Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator (zone)
      ARC    Assistant Rotary Coordinator
ARRFC    Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (zone)
        DG    The sitting district governor
      DGE    District Governor-Elect, (the following year)
      DGN    District Governor Nominee, (the second year)
   DGND    District Governor Nominee Designate, (the third year)
      DGX    Unofficial designation for any of the three above
    DLDT    District leadership and development trainer
         DT    District Trainer
    DWM    District Web Master
    GETS    Governor-elect Training Seminar
      GSE    Group study exchange
     MOP    Manual of Procedure, revised every three years
      PDG    Past District Governor
         PE    President-elect (club)
    PETS    Presidents-elect Training Seminar
        PP    Past-President (club)
        PP    Polio Plus (Rotary Foundation)
        RA    Rotary Acronym
        RC    Rotary Coordinator
        RC    Rotary Club (club)
          RI    Rotary International
     RIVP    Rotary International Vice-President
      RIBI    Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland
       RID    Rotary International Director
     RIDE    Rotary International Director-Elect
       RIP    Rotary International President
     RIPE    Rotary International President-Elect
     RPIC    Rotary Public Image Coordinator (zone)
     PRID    Past Rotary International Director     
  PRIVP    Past Rotary International Vice President
    RRFC    Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
       RLF    Rotary Leadership Forum
         SE    Secretary-elect (club)
    TTRF    Trustee, The Rotary Foundation
        RLI    Rotary Leadership Institute
    RYLA    Rotary Youth Leadership Award
       TRF    The Rotary Foundation
      PHF    Paul Harris Fellow
        PFI    Permanent Fund Initiative
      VDG    Vice District Governor
         YE    Youth Exchange
      YEP    Youth Exchange Program