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Meal & 50/50 Ticket Sales Information
Skaneateles Rotarians are assigned to these weekly tasks in an alphabetical order.
NOTE:  Please be at the table 15 to 20 minutes prior to the meeting.
Meal Tickets
  • Cost is $15 per meal
    • Current YE Student, Speaker, District Governor or Asst. Governor are not charged … any other no-charge tickets must be approved by the President)
    • Member -  are given a Yellow meal-ticket
    • Guests – are given a White meal-ticket
  • All should print their name and date on the ticket prior to them being collected at the table.
  • Fill out the Weekly Dinner Ticket Summary and turn it into the Treasurer, or President if the treasurer is not present.
50/50 Raffle Tickets
  • Costs are:  1 ticket for $1 or 3 tickets for $2  (no more than 3 tickets to be sold to a participant)
  • Half of the ticket(s) is given to the participant and the other half is placed in the box for the draw
  • The Draw
    • Mix the ticket thoroughly and ask someone to pick one (typically a guest)
    • The winner is the holder of the matching ticket
      • The participant must be present to win.
  • The Payout
    • The winner receives 50% of the pot (round off goes to the club if an uneven amount)
    • If the winner is a club member, they have the option to pull a card from the deck to take a chance of the Queens-Pot.  If they choose to do so, then they only receive 25% of the weekly pot, and should they draw the Queen of Spades, they are the winner of Queens-Pot, which is the accumulation of remaining 25% of the previous draws.
      • The card that is drawn is discarded, causing the deck to become smaller each week
      • Once the Queen has been drawn, a new deck of cards goes into play in the following week.
  • Funds collated go to the Treasurer or the President if the treasurer is not present)
    • 50% is used for club expenses
    • 25% of goes into the accumulated Queens-Pot (if a member had chosen to draw a card)