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Audio Visual (AV) Equipment & Procedures 
Skaneateles Rotary club has the essential equipment and capability to fully assist our guest speakers with their AV needs. The equipment includes: 
  • Windows 10 PC w/USB & MS Office
  • CD/DVD drive
  • Front Projector (Apple compatible) w//Screen
  • Amplified speaker & PA system
  • Internet available (quality of streaming NOT guaranteed)
AV Requirement Process/Procedures - To serve our guests with their AV requirements, good and timely communications as well as equipment is required.  Therefore, please adhere to the following when you host a speaker with AV requirements.
  1. Determine FULL requirements, including equipment, software required and media their program is on (thumb drive, CD/DVD, etc.)  If we do not the essentials, we need some time to find a solution.
  2. Communications - Supply these requirements to the Program Chair well in advance of the event (a week, at the minimum)
  3. The  Program Chair  - will see that proper individual(s) on the AV team is informed, as well a let the speaker, or speaker's host,  know who it will be.
  4. Arrive Early - See that the speaker arrives early (30 minutes is not unreasonable), and introduces themselves to the AV Geek and supplies them with the software media, reviews the requirements. 
  5. Trial Run - prior the start of the meeting, to assure all is set when they start their presentation.
The above will allow us to serve our guest's requirements better and leave them with a taste of Rotary's professionalism.  Remember, it's Team Effort from scheduling the speaker to the ending bell of the event.