Former Exchange Student (1984-85)
At our meeting of May 18th, 2017, President Bill introduced a visiting former exchange and her husband from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ana Ligia Barbosa de Carvalho e Silva proudly spoke about her experience as an exchange student in 1984-85. Timer Whittingham was the club president that year. She worked at the Pancake Breakfast and still has the Rotary apron she worn at the event.
     Ana cherishes her time in Skaneateles. She warmly spoke about her host families, the Benoits, the Egerts & the Richardsons. Ana is a lawyer & is currently studying for her doctorate in applied linguistics. Ana's husband Pedro is a Colonel Brazil's Air Force and is an flight instructor in Brazil's Air Force Academy.
     Ana urged everyone to support Rotary's Exchange Student Program. Ana passionately proclaimed that more than ever our world needs the peace & understanding that Rotary's exchange student program fosters.