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Attendance & Make-up requirements & procedures

Attendance -Must attend or make-up at least 50 percent of a club’s regular meetings or engage in club projects, other events and activities for at least 12 hours in each half of the year, or a proportionate combination of both. 

Make-ups ... are events or meetings that you may attend that can claimed a attendance credit in the current Rotary year, before or after a regular club meeting that you may have missed.  Per RI and Club Constitution procedures, attendance credit may be claimed if a member;
  1. Attends at least 60 percent of the regular meeting of another club or of a provisional club; or 
  2. attends a regular meeting of a Rotaract or Interact club or Rotary Community Corps or of a provisional Rotaract or Interact club or Rotary Community Corps; or 
  3. is present at the usual time and place of a regular meeting of another club for the purpose of attending such meeting, but that club is not meeting at that time or place; or 
  4. attends and participates in a club service project or a club-sponsored community event or meeting authorized by the board; or 
  5. attends a board meeting or, if authorized by the board, a meeting of a service committee to which the member is assigned.; or
  6. participates through a club Web site in an interactive activity requiring an average of 30 minutes of participation; or
  7. (RI, Zone or District events) attends a convention of RI, a council on legislation, an international assembly, a Rotary institute for past and present officers of RI, a Rotary institute for past, present, and incoming officers of RI, or any other meeting convened with the approval of the board of directors of RI or the president of RI acting on behalf of the board of directors of RI, a Rotary multi-zone conference, a meeting of a committee of RI, a Rotary district conference, a Rotary district assembly, any district meeting held by direction of the board of directors of RI, any district committee meeting held by direction of the district governor, or a regularly announced intercity meeting of Rotary clubs; or 
When a member is outside the member’s country of residence for more than fourteen (14) days, the time restriction shall not be imposed so that the member may attend meetings in another country at any time during the travel period, and each such attendance shall count as a valid make-up for any regular meeting missed during the member’s time abroad.
How to claim attendance credit  at the Skaneateles Rotary Club, for any of the above, simply supply the Secretary. (or their designee) with one of the following:
  1. Traditional Make-up Cards ....  or the following current simplified Skaneateles methods that assumes the 4-way test is assumed
  2. A note, letter or email stating:  “Where and when” (emails are most liked method) to Ward @
  3. Place a note on the back of your club Skaneateles weekly attendance card of “where and when”.  Please note on the front of the card that there is a make-up on the back, else it may be missed. (most used method) 
  4. A phone call to Ward (247-4449) with the information (least liked method, but it is acceptable) 

Hopefully this helps with some clarification.  Have fun out there in the world of Make-Ups.  Meet some new Rotarians and bring back some good stories and ideas.